The Toy Kitten

In Paige Moss' words...

On my seventh birthday I received a beautiful, fluffy, toy cat. I LOVED this cat. It was white with fluffy fur all over. At this time Kendyl was about four years old and we often played with dolls together. As we played, I always had my cat with me. You could not find me anywhere except school without my cat. Kendyl noticed how much I loved that cat, but she wanted to play with it too. The cat was mine and there was no way I was going to let her play with it for fear that she might ruin it.

When I came home from school one day I went straight to my room to get my cat. When I found it in my room I saw that it had been SHAVED! The glossy white fur was gone. All that was left were ugly pieces of fuzz stuck to the bare plastic body. I screamed and stomped my way straight to the person whom I thought was the culprit -- Kendyl.

I found her in her room sweetly playing with her dolls. I yelled, “I can’t believe you shaved my cat!” She looked up at me innocently and said, “I didn’t shave your cat. Mitch did.” I went and found Mitch and yelled, “Why did you shave my cat?!” Mitch stuttered, “No I didn’t! I shaved Kendyl’s cat!” At that exact moment Mitch, Mom, and I realized what had happened. Apparently, while I was at school, my little four year old sister concocted a devious plan to get back at me for not sharing my toy and avoid any blame. She told Mitch it was her cat and that she wanted it shaved. Mitch was very confused why she would want to shave it and told her it would look ugly. But she insisted it needed to be shaved. And so Mitch shaved the cat.

It was at this young age of seven years old that I learned I did not have an ordinary younger sister. She is one of the most mischievous and quick-witted people I know. There are times like these where we have butted heads. Regardless, I would never change a thing about her.  Kendyl can be crafty and stubborn at times, but she is also the most loving and tenderhearted person I know. I don’t know what I would do without her. I love you sis.


The Swirly

In Lori Gee's words...

From the time Garrett could walk, he was always concerned about having a nicely coiffed head of hair. He learned a great technique when he was only 2 years old.

Garrett would stick his head in the toilet and flush it. He learned that by flushing the toilet with his head inside the result would be a perfect swirl on the top of his head.