The Engagement Story

In Garrett's words...

Kendyl and I dated through 2019. We had so much fun getting to know each other, dating, and growing together as a couple. As the end of the year approached we started talking about marriage. The conversations turned into plans and wheels were set in motion. We went ring shopping in October where we finally found the perfect ring. She chose the ring. Great! But when I was going to propose?

We figured out that we wanted a summer wedding, but not a super long engagement. I needed to propose relatively soon if we wanted the summer wedding to happen. It happened that a family trip to Hawaii was coming up in November. I realized with the timing and location that I had to do it then. On top of that, it worked out that we would be on the trip the day of Kendyl's and my one year anniversary of our first date -- November 10th. So I organized my family and let them in on my idea. Needless to say, they were all in. It was set!

The day prior to the proposal, my brothers and I spent some of that Saturday looking for a place on the beach for the perfect place to propose. I remember Kendyl being confused by me leaving her behind, but it all worked out. Sunday came and I told her we found the perfect spot to watch the sunset that evening.

Since I was in school at the time I had to take a quiz before we could go down. While I took my quiz my family went off to set up cute photos of Kendyl and I, along with flowers and some candles. I rushed through my quiz (which I happened to bomb because I wanted everything to be perfect and I did not want to miss the sunset) and we left for the beach. I was nervous the entire walk down. Kendyl did not help much since she wanted to stop and take pictures along the way and watch the sunset. We finally made it to the planned spot and I proposed to her on the shoreline in Hawaii!