Our Future Plans

First, despite the social and political effects of the Covid-19 causing us to rethink our wedding celebration, we want to express our love and appreciation to you all. You have shown us so much support through this time and throughout our lives. We are so blessed to count you as friends and family. Please be safe as we all continue to navigate these times.

We have so much to look forward to even though we feel the effects of the pandemic. With all of this going on we are still working towards our undergraduate degrees. Kendyl is working towards a degree from the University of Utah in Kinesiology while Garrett is working toward his degree from Utah State University in Management Information Systems. We will continue with school through the summer to fast track towards graduation the best we can. Kendyl has aspirations to pursue a career as a physician's assistant. So more school to come after her undergraduate degree.

For the immediate future we will live in Kendyl's parents' basement until we move into her brother Mitch's basement come the fall. We are so excited to be one floor away from their little boy Beckham and their newest addition coming this summer! We have our work cut out for us to become the favorite aunt and uncle. Beckham is a tough cookie.

So much good to look forward to! We love you all and cannot wait to see you as things continue to settle down.


Garrett and Kendyl