How We Met

In Kendyl's words...

Garrett and I first met in Ecuador back in 2017. It was April and our group of local missionaries in the zone had come together to watch General Conference at one of our assigned church buildings. The main broadcast of General Conference was in Spanish. However, we had access to a room where we could watch and listen to the sessions in English. We dubbed it the "Gringo Room".

Garrett: "When Sister Moss and her companion walked into the room I knew they were both new to the zone. I realized Kendyl was new to the mission as well. The first weeks of my mission were difficult so I spoke with her to see how she was adjusting. As we talked we found out our homes in Utah were super close. It was awesome to discover that we knew some of the same people. I remember it being easy talking with Kendyl during those sessions."

Kendyl: "I remember Elder Gee and his companion hid a bunch of snacks in the Gringo Room. They pulled them out once the sessions started to keep us engaged. At that point I was in my first transfer still getting trained by my senior companion, so my Spanish was still improving but it left me feeling a little shy. However, I noticed Elder Gee and thought he was funny. We got to talking and soon learned how close we lived in Utah. It was nice connecting with someone from home at that point early on in my mission."